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"We have never been applied, nor have we had an appropriate" task ", reveals Andreas Engesvik, who quickly founded Andreas Engesvik, Oslo, after graduating from Norwegian College Bergen in Work and style that has a master this season. Subsequently, the Norwegian designer created products inspired by Scandinavian ideas of simplicity and quality, ranging from home furniture to tableware for international manufacturers such as Edsbyn, Fontana Arte, Crecen, Muuto and Tonning & Stryn. Recently, in the Stockholm Furnishings & Reasonable Illumination, Engesvik introduced the collection of Barba upholstered home furniture as well as the Ribbon rug collection for the Swedish model Fogia. Here, he shares with Interior Design much more information about the new collections as well as about the computer-animated family members who prompted the change, which prompted one of them to understand why he likes them. upholstered furniture and how much the desire to discover and the abandoned structures forced it. Of course pool-tables.biz brands in the layout. Interior Design: Could you say a little more about your Barba collection for Fogia? Andreas Engesvik: The product includes a cushioned sofa and a sofa. Upholstered furniture is a niche of Fogia, and why I like to use it, because I find it probably the most fascinating. and difficult things that you can use as a designer. You will need expertise and some understanding of the resources - how does the fabric apply or how does it behave when you start doing coverage and stitches. Then you have to take into account the production method.

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