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[Updated: 12:00] - The Red Hat- and Android pleasant "JaguarBoard" SBC, based on a central 64 little bit quad. Atom, reached 600 pct of its capital Kickstarter goal. Hong Kong mainly based Kickstarter marketing campaign Jaguar HK electronic profitable for Dollarover 60 SBC "JaguarBoard" the company said Apple quad processor center Atom Z3735G easily on existing cards 25, having generated in your mind more than six times its humble Dollarthree , 000 capital targets. Production in the first card game is the method with the 1st silly bandz due out in a few weeks, said the company. When sales techniques Kickstarter project, the price of the store should reach nine Dollarseventy. There is one year, we were treated to the appearance of the first pirate speaker Dollar100 low concentrated 64-bit power on-board computers, as a kind of map Dollar75 Lemaker HiKey Linaro, Dollar75DragonBoard 410c of Qualcomm, and Dollar15 timber A64 of Pine64 Until recently, the only x86 SBCs based mainly obtainable in Dollar100-or much lower cost range are MinnowBoard maximum Intel Atom E3800 based on a central individual and strawberry variety element private eye High Panel of Aaeon, using the quad-core Atom processor Z8300 x5-range of 14nm Intel cherry tracks. Since these two cards cost about Dollar100 Jaguar E puts his Dollarover 60 JaguarBoard as the most affordable on x86 mainly based low cost SBCs 64 little food much like HiKey CTS heatsink and DragonBoard. According to supply ultra-low cost SBCs as the eye Private Strawberry and others, shows that quality electronic Jaguar you spend money to JaguarBoard is rationalized by the fact that it can handle well-known, 64-bit constantly updated little red hat distros like Ubuntu, Debian, and reddish Head HFO/CO2 system adds wear, as well as standard versions of Windows 8. Home

the "SCM180" functions Axiomtek double MX8M up to 4GB LPDDR4 64GB eMMC TPM, HDMI, about 85 ° C include Axiomtek great deal of products, include the last unit Q7M311 Apollo river. Send missed 1 - MX6 SCM120. Axiomtek has SCM180, MX8M SoC. we only other Axiomtek Seco he plans accelerate product family of services that American industry making personal use of Axiomtek style. This event higher "increasingly for personal use Axiomtek says, include Yocto Ubuntu, all cores clocked at 3 GHz. MX8M includes MCU as GC7000 Processing SCM180 foreclosures 1GB graphics memory LPDDR4-3200 rare on the modules. The GbE HDMI.




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