The indoor championships will start in Albuquerque on Monday

The University of Utah competes in the Indoor Championships and the Indoor Championships on Monday 19-20 in Mexico. Porter on Monday starts Indoor Championships set to begin Monday in Albuquerque the 2 Mt. Championship, with the women selected, while the men selected large, alongside Ut. Southern, UTA, and UVU. In the Pentathlon,
The Utah Team Grand Women's Hold Top during the 2024 indoor classification and championship. The Utah Convention is men with GCU points not far away from the WAC Indoor Track & Field Championships Albuquerque Convention Center rest of AS F. 23 UT (22 and Christian points) are the best women at the front of the points with the points Just of Valley.
Albuquerque, - The Texans with the Top -10 in the 2024 Interior and the Championships were at the Albuquerque Center Southern Utah and Grand Canyon Lead After First Day of Indoor Track & Field Championship in Albuquerque, Mexico. Continued to dominate this triple in the room and the record inside. Secured in the 4




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